Sunshine Coast Steel & Rigging offers various surface treatment services to ensure that we are ready to finish our products to any specification our clients may require.

Hot Dip Galvanising

Sunshine Coast Steel & Rigging engages large industrial product-based galvanising outfits in the Brisbane area, these companies provide us with a robust finish on our products that is suitable to endure the harsh environments where we usually find our product being utilised.   

Powder Coating

At Sunshine Coast Steel & Rigging we quite often find ourselves being engaged by our clients to construct functioning architectural products that need to look great and also endure many years of constant exposure to the elements and repeated use. For that reason, we have a local trusted powder coating service on hand to provide us with the right colour for the right finish.

Zinc Rich Oxide Primer

Zinc rich oxide primers are fantastic and very cost effective when it comes to protecting internal Structural Steel. Our non-atmospheric application system coupled with a large paint shop gives us the advantage of being able to prepare & paint our product as soon as its been completed by our fabrication operation.

2 Pack Primer & Top Coat 

Should our clients require it, our surface treatment operation is also capable of providing a 2 pack primer and/or top coat finish for exposed Structural Steel that cannot be Hot Dip Galvanised.